Discover Freedom and Independence with LiteRider Envy LT Power Wheelchairs

Ali Abbas

Power Wheelchairs

Imagine having to sit on a wheeled chair and dragging yourself around, having to apply all your strength just to move inches. As much as the imagination is distressing so is the reality. People with mobility issues and disabilities which make them confined to their bed have to bear this distress everyday. Around 1% of the world’s population need a mobility aid on a daily basis making it crucial for them to own a wheelchair. In fact, the World Health Organization considered the wheelchair to be a basic human right since it is so essential to society’s ongoing well-being and health.

How power wheelchairs came into the picture?

Manual wheelchairs, though commonly used, comes with numerous disadvantages. However, thanks to Science and Technology that has made the invention of power wheelchairs a boon for people with mobility issues.  Power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs have become a cornerstone for people with mobility challenges seeking for independence and freedom. Electric wheelchairs were first tested in 1916, but they weren’t made widely available until 1953. Thanks to George Klein’s invention!  Initially, Klein and his group invested in motorized wheelchairs in order to assist World War II veterans. Klein’s invention had large wheels with little steering and turning ability when it was first demonstrated as a motorized wheelchair. Later, it was mass-produced, indicating that there was a need in the market for a more advanced motorized wheelchair option.

Why to opt for a power wheelchair?

In recent years, the wheelchair market has seen a significant growth. Power wheelchairs comes with a number of advantages such as

Ÿ            Accessibility and Independence

Ÿ            Ease of use

Ÿ            Effortless navigation

Ÿ            Health and comfort

Ÿ            Safety and reliability

Key features of the LiteRider Envy LT Power Wheelchair

Among the range of variants available in the market, the LiteRider Envy LT Power Chair stands out as an exceptional choice.  In this blog we shall take a deep dive into the reasons as to why this model should be a top choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable power wheelchair.

1. Lightweight and compact design

One of the cons of electric wheelchairs can be their heavy weight and complex design but this model comes in a compact design which makes it light in weight and easy to transport and store. If the need of disassembling arises, you need not worry as this model comes with a hassle-free setup making the takedown process quite straightforward and quick. Due to it’s compact design it can be transported through SUVs and cars and acquires minimal space inside the house.

2. Effortless navigation

The Envy LT model has an excellent maneuverability. It comes with a tight turning radius of 28.50 inches which makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Be it narrow hallways, tiny corners or crowded places, this property of the wheelchairs makes the navigation process smooth and effortless. The chair’s ideal width provides easy navigation through standard hallways as well.

3. Comfort and health

When it comes to mobility devices, health and comfort are of utmost priority. With the stadium-styled seat,  supportive backrest and cushiony armrests, this wheelchair ticks off all the basic requirements of comfort. Users can find their optimal seating position with the adjustable seats of the chair. The backrest helps the users to keep their posture correct and doesn’t allow to their upper body to undergo any kind of strain thereby ensuring heath along with comfort.

4. User-friendly controls

The joystick control system present in the chair is simple to operate and intuitive. The joystick, which is conveniently positioned on the armrest, enables smooth and accurate control over the chair’s movements. Depending on what the user prefers, it can be mounted on the left or right side.

5. Durability

The chair has a withholding capacity of 300 lbs. of weight. The durable construction of this model makes it suitable to accommodate wide range of users including obese people and still last for long.

With its small size, excellent mobility, and intuitive features, the LiteRider Envy LT thus makes itself an excellent choice to give you the freedom and independence you deserve, whether you require a power wheelchair for regular use or occasional outings. With this amazing power chair, discover the possibilities and improve your quality of life.

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