Follow 7-Step Guide Get the Perfect Start in Minecraft 1.21

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Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft 1.21

Just a week ago Minecraft One another big update rolled out and it has been named this time “Venture into Tricky Trials” So the first thing every Minecraft enthusiast wants to know is from where we begin, and which features are worth using. Still in chaos and confused about what to do? You can follow this guide to start a perfect entry in Minecraft 1.21. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into this guide. We want to remind you to send Minecoin gift card to your friends and family on occasion for the new Minecraft update 1.21 so they can do well in this update.

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1. Setting Up Your World

Before you even start, it’s a good thing to tweak a couple of game rules:

  • Snow Accumulation: By utilizing Minecraft rule 8, increase the snow accumulation which allows snow to pile inside your world and then you can amazing nothing like building snowmen using the snow to create a variety of structures just go and explore
  • Boat Portals: InMinecraft 1.21 Survival, It’s the first time you can enable the new game rule for boats through portals. This is handy for single and multiplayer when you need to move villagers or other mobs.

2. Day One Essentials

World Name: Choose a name that inspires you. A good world name sets the tone and helps you build your adventure.

Find a Bed:

  • Why It Matters: A bed is essential for setting your spawn point and skipping nights.
  • How to Get It: Sheep are your best friends. Hunt them down and craft a bed ASAP.

Food and Shelter

  • Food: On Java, you should build a cow crusher farm for a steady meat supply. While On Bedrock, fishing in rivers for salmon or cod is an excellent alternative for steady and fast food.
  • Shelter: If you find a village early, setting up the base is one of the main things as  Villages not just provide safety but also resources that are invaluable in the early days.

3. Early Game Grind

Gather Resources:

First, start by chopping down trees, so you can craft basic tools. Now for resources, there loads of options available, however exploring Plains biomes is particularly advantageous due to the abundance of villages and easily accessible resources.”

Sugar Cane Farm

  • Why It’s Important: Sugar cane is crucial for paper, which you’ll need later for enchanting and trading.
  • How to Set Up: Start a basic farm near your base. Ensure it’s close enough to stay loaded while you’re underground.

4. Prepping for Caves

Before heading into the depths, make sure you have:

  • Basic Supplies: Extra logs, torches, and food.
  • Armor and Weapons: Aim for at least full iron gear. If you’re lucky, get some diamonds for better equipment.

Mining Strategy:

  • Diamond Hunt: Look for big, open caves to find diamonds quickly.
  • Watch for Trial Chambers: Strange, flat walls in caves can indicate the presence of a trial chamber. Always dig around suspicious spots.

5. Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chamber Preparation

Gear Up:

  • Diamond Armor: Ideally, you want a full set of diamond armor for the trial chamber.
  • Enchanting: Prioritize enchantments like Protection for armor and Sharpness or Smite for swords.

Build an Enchanting Setup:

  • Materials Needed: Bookshelves, an enchanting table, and lapis lazuli.
  • XP Source: A cow crusher farm or fishing can provide the XP you need for enchanting.

6. Finding the Trial Chamber

Using Cartographer Villagers:

  • Trades: Start by trading paper and glass panes with a cartographer until they offer a trial chamber map.
  • Map Use: Follow the map to locate the trial chamber. Use the sun’s position or the F3 screen (on Java) to navigate.

Digging to the Chamber:

  • Safe Digging: Dig straight down using the two-block method or create a staircase. Aim to reach around Y=0 where trial chambers generate.
  • Identify Chambers: Look for flat walls or tough bricks indicating a trial chamber.

7. Final Preparations and Entering the Chamber

Stock Up:

  • Supplies: Bring plenty of food, torches, and blocks.
  • Backup Gear: Have extra tools and armor ready in case things go south.


  • Prioritize Protection: General protection enchantments will help against the variety of mobs in the chamber.
  • Combat Gear: Enchant your sword with Sharpness or Smite for effective combat.

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