How the Severity of Your Injury Affects the Car Accident Case in Philadelphia


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How the Severity of Your Injury Affects the Car Accident Case in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania recorded 115,938 road accidents in 2022. 1179 people lost their lives in these crashes, while 67,012 more were hurt. On average, the following occur each day in Pennsylvania:

  • 318 reported traffic accidents
  • Three people suffered fatal injuries in car accidents
  • 184 people were hurt in crashes that were reported

If you have been through one of those unfortunate car accidents, you will undoubtedly be thinking of filing a personal injury claim, and you will have lots of questions lingering over your head. Would I be adequately compensated for everything I went through? How much financial compensation can I expect? And many more.

Hiring experienced Philadelphia car accident attorneys can solve most of your problems and give you time to rest and recuperate. At the same time, your lawyer takes on the responsibility of acquiring fair compensation for you.

In this article, you will find plenty of information on the factors that affect the value of your compensation.

Compensation for Car Accidents in Philadelphia

There are no limitations or maximum limits on the damages that plaintiffs in car accident cases may be awarded in Pennsylvania.

The entire spectrum of economic and non-economic damages available in personal injury cases are entitled to plaintiffs in Philadelphia auto accident cases.

The following is a list of the damage categories in an automobile accident in Philadelphia:

Medical Bills

Plaintiffs are entitled to reimbursement for all their medical costs associated with their injuries from the accident. In addition to the medical expenses they have already incurred, damages may also be awarded for anticipated future medical costs if the injuries sustained in the accident are related to those expenses.

For instance, if you get a back injury in a car accident and your doctor advises back surgery for the following year, that expense may also be covered by your damages.

In simple words, the more severe the injuries, the more medical expenses you will incur, which directly reflects higher compensation.

Lost Income

Plaintiffs are entitled to compensation for all earnings or income they lost due to the injuries they sustained in the vehicle accident. This covers both lost revenue in the past and lost income in the future.

For instance, you would be entitled to lost pay for six months or a year if you sustained a permanent injury that kept you from working.

Pain and Suffering

Damages may be granted for emotional distress brought on by car accident injuries. Pain and suffering damages increase with the severity of the injury. As it is difficult to assign a dollar value on these losses, car accident attorneys employ one of the two methods mentioned below.

  • Per Diem Method
  • Multiplier Method

The compensation for pain and suffering depends on how severe the condition is and the level of impact it has on the victim.

What Does the Settlement Value Depend on?

The value of a settlement in a Philadelphia automobile accident injury lawsuit is determined by several variables, many of which are unique to each case.

The type and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries are always the primary determinants of any case’s settlement value.

Serious injuries result in more significant pain and suffering and higher medical costs, which raises the compensation amount.

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