How to look stylish throughout your entire holiday

Aly ZK

How to look stylish throughout your entire holiday

Packing for vacation can sometimes be stressful, planning your outfits for every occasion throughout your break can be a lot to think about. If you are traveling with hand luggage only or have limited space in your suitcase, designing a capsule wardrobe that requires a minimum number of items is essential for remaining stylish and comfortable on your holiday.

We pick out some key pieces that you might find to be essential to your next trip and look at how best to style them and other important fashion and beauty tips to consider.

What to wear for traveling

Whether you are traveling to your vacation spot by plane, coach, ferry or car, wearing comfortable clothes is essential for making the experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible. Your travel outfit should be practical, but this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style.

Sweatpants are one great option and loungewear is very much on trend right now. There are an excellent variety of sweatpants to choose from, from relaxed men’s baggy sweats to more fitted and tailored, yet still comfy, sweats.

A matching hoodie is a sensible addition if you are going anywhere cool or with powerful air conditioning indoors.

Sneakers are ideal if a bit of walking is part of your travel plans, wearing your sneakers to the airport will also save a bit of room in your luggage. Choose a pair that will coordinate with most of your outfits for the trip, white sneakers are a great option for this.

Breathable materials are also ideal for travel, think linen shirts and linen trousers or high-quality cotton. Sheer clear of stiff fabrics like denim.

What to wear for the beach

Whether you plan to sip cocktails on the sand or splash about in the waves, a trip to the beach is the ideal opportunity to show off your unique style. Co-Ord sets are ideal for the beach, you can opt for a vibrant summery pattern or print or plain neutral colors for a more understated look.

A hat is recommended for avoiding sunburn and keeping the sun from your eyes, a bucket hat is a trendy fun choice, or a classic baseball cap is a timeless option. A wide brim fedora can offer great protection from UV rays and really elevate a more simple outfit choice.

What to wear for the bar

You need to pack a few chic outfits for the evening time, when visiting local bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues you will want to look more stylish and refined. Vibrant or monochrome printed trousers are a great holiday capsule wardrobe piece, they can be dressed down in the daytime or paired with a crisp shirt and smart shoes in the evening for a party-vibe.

For a feminine look, maxi dresses are very versatile. They can be attention grabbing when paired with bold statement jewelry and a coordinating purse or clutch. They can also cover up any sunburn after a day at the beach.

What to wear for excursions

If you’ve booked onto some excursions for your upcoming getaway, be sure to pack some suitable attire. The same rules apply as your travel outfit here, comfortable, and breathable fabrics with practical shoes are ideal if you’ll be on your feet for a number of hours.

Don’t forget to tailor your beauty routine…

The weather on holiday is likely different to the climate at home so you will want to adapt for hair and skin routine accordingly. Your hair might need a little more attention if there is humidity, so keep some hairspray on hand. You might need more moisturizer to avoid dry skin and bring along a good SPF sunscreen too.

When packing for your holidays, think about how different pieces coordinate with one another and plan different outfits based on what activities you will be doing whilst there.

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