Metal Cladding: 6 Things to Consider

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Metal Cladding

Selecting the ideal roof for your house is a big choice, and appearances frequently seem to play a big role. Still, the most crucial aspect to take into account is the material used to create the profile, which is frequently disregarded.

This article will discuss the crucial factors to take into account when selecting the best metal roof cladding for your particular application. By doing so, you can make sure that the roofing profile and material you choose are appropriate for your home’s needs as well as the local climate.

Base Metal

It may surprise you to learn that the various metal types used to make roof sheets have an impact on how long a roof lasts. There are several different types of metal roofing that are commonly available, such as stainless steel, pure aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, zinc-coated steel, and aluminium-zinc-coated steel (known as Zincal® in Africa).

The most popular choice is a steel roof substrate that is coated with either modern zinc-aluminum coating technology or zinc-coated steel. In order to shield the metal roof from the weather and other airborne corrosives, this coating is applied to the steel substrate. Zinc in the coating acts as a sacrificial barrier, while aluminum produces an oxide that offers a strong physical barrier. Superior protection at the roof sheet’s cut edges is thus made possible by this event. Because this sort of material option comes in a variety of coating thicknesses to accommodate varying corrosive environments, it is equally appropriate for use in inland and coastal applications. In addition to being incredibly economical, this more recent technology is priced competitively with the more traditional Zinc technology.


Make sure the style of the metal roof you choose complements the other elements of the construction of your house. Next, pick a material that will serve its intended purpose and provide you with the desired level of lifespan. In South Africa, roofing suppliers nationwide may provide high-quality metal roof cladding. The substrate brands that are most frequently sought after include Pure Aluminum, ColorPlus, Zincal, Chromadek, and Galvanized. Don’t be hesitant to ask for the substrates by name; brand names like these are known for their high quality and will all come with a warranty from the roll manufacturer.

The coil mills are legally obligated to publish the name of their product at least every three meters on the reverse side of the sheet. You may, therefore, be certain that you are not getting what you pay for if your sheet is not printed with the precise brand name on the back.

Slope Requirements

There are minimal roof slope requirements for each panel that must be taken into account, depending on the roof profile you choose. Speak with your roof supplier to find out these specifics and make sure your roof satisfies the requirements. The form that the metal roof adopt when they bend to form panels is referred to as the roof profile. Because installing a low-slope roof requires a more sophisticated system, it is frequently more expensive to construct due to its more complex geometry.

The roof as a whole can nevertheless prove to be a more cost-effective choice in addition to being more contemporary and aesthetically beautiful because a lower-pitched truss requires fewer materials to build. Usually, commercial roofs have a low slope. Frequently utilized in residential settings, steep slope roofs are perfect for regions with heavier snowfall and will also keep water from collecting on the roof.

Weather Resistance

A roof’s primary function is to shield your largest investment from the weather. Be sure to take into account elements like the current weather when planning your roof. Even while a big overhang looks nice, it would be unneeded and expose your roof to unnecessary risk of damage. Selecting the appropriate profile is essential to guarantee that your roof functions well and keeps you dry. For instance, colorbond cladding in an area with heavy snowfall would require a dynamic dead load design.

Because the roof is flat, snow will sit on it rather than fall off naturally, placing a great deal of additional weight on the roof as it falls. The risk of the roof falling exists if it was not intended for this load. When designing your roof, always make sure to engage a roofing specialist and engineer.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to a colorbond cladding, some metals, including aluminium-zinc, radiate heat more. The ideal colour for heat reflection on most roofs is white or off-white paint applied to the sheeting. Your home can stay naturally cooler during warm weather if your metal roof reflects heat well. This can reduce energy costs and guarantee that you can live comfortably during South Africa’s intense summers.


The fasteners that hold down a roof are the most important component in determining its lifespan. Frequently, fasteners are disregarded in favour of a less expensive option. A warranty is also necessary for fasteners because bimetallic corrosion occurs when you use a metal that is incompatible with the sheeting you have selected. This indicates that the metal will react with your roof sheet and corrode much more quickly as a result. Because of the inexpensive fasteners that were utilized, your roof will rust prematurely, rendering the guarantee that the roof sheet provider provided void.  As a general guideline, use a Class 5 stainless steel fastening with pure aluminium sheets and a Class 4 fastener with zinc-aluminium and galvanized sheeting. Ensure the low-carbon EPDM washer that comes with your fasteners. A washer seals the fastener off against the sheet. Your roof will fail if a high-carbon washer is used because it will corrode the sheet where it comes into touch with the metal.


Think about cost, durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact while selecting metal cladding. To improve longevity and performance, make sure you have the right insulation and maintenance. The security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your structure can all be considerably increased with careful selection and installation.

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