The 5 Most Popular Gaming Genres


The 5 Most Popular Gaming Genres

It’s impossible to calculate how many games exist. The general consensus is that the list runs into the millions. There are some 70,000 games on Steam, thousands in the Epic Games Store, and, of course, hundreds of thousands in the Apple App and Google Play stores. And then there’s the whole matter of browser-based games.

Long story short, gamers are not short of options. Still, while games are available in hyper-niche genres such as animal simulator and fishing, in general, gamers tend to play the same types of games again and again. In this post, we’ll run through the genres that account for a significant portion of gaming time. 

Battle Royale Games

It’s kind of amazing to witness the rise of battle royale games. The genre barely existed a little more than a decade ago, yet today it is probably the shining star of all game genres. PUBG, the game generally credited with bringing battle royale games to a widespread audience, was downloaded a staggering 50 million times in 2018 alone. Apex Legends and Fortnite, released in 2019 and 2017 respectively, have also proved to be mainstays of the genre. Whether this genre enjoys long-term success or turns out to be a flash in the pan remains to be seen, but, for now, it’s very much in demand. 

Slots and Arcade Games

If a genre is continually pumping out new titles, then that’s a pretty good indicator that the genre is popular. Sites like PokerStars Casino routinely update their offerings with the latest slot games from developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, both of whom release dozens of new titles each year. And that’s in addition to all the classic slots of yesteryear, which still have a loyal following. Talking of yesteryear — vintage arcade games, such as Street Fighter, Pac-Man, and Sonic, also remain highly popular with gamers. These titles are available in emulator form online, but in major cities you can still find establishments that house the original arcade game machines. 

Sports Games

We are a sports-obsessed society. From watching it to talking about it, we just can’t get enough. And, of course, we love playing sports too. Alas, in these ever-busy times, finding the time and space to engage directly with sports can be a challenge. Thankfully, sports video games are there to make up the gap. The gameplay of the most popular sports games, including FIFA, NBA2K, and Football Manager have remained the same for years, yet gamers still can’t get enough of it. As they say, if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.


There’s much to love about MMOs. In fact, it’s probably not even fair to lump them into one category. After all, MMOs can vary widely. In one, you might be casting spells and defeating mythical creatures; in others, you might be sailing the seven seas in a pirate-like quest, like in ArcheAge. In any case, you’ll be in an immersive, absorbing world, one that’s populated with thousands of other players. The two classics are World of Warcraft and Runescape, which, despite being more than 15 years old, have a deeply committed fanbase. Part of the appeal of MMOs is that they’re highly welcoming to new players, with friendly forums and communities helping to make such games much more than just another game. 

Classic Games 

Finally, we have to show respect to the old-school games that are still going strong. Games such as chess, backgammon, go, and blackjack may have a history that dates back far further than your average video game, but they remain hugely popular. Chess in particular, while never really going out of fashion has experienced a burst in popularity in recent years. While some of the genres included on this list may fail to last the distance (we’re looking at you, battle royale), the classic games have already proven that they have longevity on their side. People have been playing these games for hundreds of years, and will likely still be playing them hundreds of years into the future.

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