Top Car Touch-Up Paints Available Today


Top Car Touch-Up Paints Available Today

Maintaining your car’s paint job in pristine condition can be quite challenging, especially when chips and scratches are unavoidable. Thankfully, car touch-up paints offer a quick and effective remedy for this common issue. As experts in automotive repair, we know the importance of having access to high-quality touch-up paint products.

In this blog post, we review the top five touch-up paints that our Axioma technicians showcased recently, helping you choose the perfect product for your vehicle. We’ve analyzed numerous reviews, focusing on key factors such as ease of application, color match accuracy, drying time, and durability.

Whether you’re dealing with minor scuffs or more noticeable blemishes, these products can restore your car to its former glory. Let’s delve into the world of touch-up paints and find the ideal match for your car’s paint needs!

Mixed by Reg Registration Plate Car Touch Up

This touch-up paint by Mixed by Reg features an all-in-one formula designed to perfectly match your car’s color. Ensure your vehicle is dry and free of water spots before application. Buy here.

Rating: 4.2/5 (2,109 Ratings)


  • Convenient all-in-one formula
  • Perfect color matching by registration plate
  • Easy application process


  • Lower ratings compared to some alternatives
  • May not be suitable for larger repairs

Price: £39.99


SD COLORS offers a versatile universal gloss black touch-up paint suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and alloy wheels. This 8ml solution addresses stone chips and scratches, blending seamlessly with the original paint. Buy here.

Rating: 4.3/5 (611 Ratings)


  • Universal use across different vehicle types
  • Ideal for gloss black surfaces
  • Compact and easy to carry for on-the-go repairs


  • Limited to one color option
  • Small volume may not suffice for multiple or larger repairs

Price: £10.07

Xtremeauto Touch Up Paint

Xtremeauto’s touch-up paint is custom-mixed to match your car’s registration, ensuring a precise color match. The 30ml bottle offers ample product for multiple applications or larger areas. Its precision brush helps target specific spots without over-application. Buy here.

Rating: 4.0/5 (1,271 Ratings)


  • Custom mixed for an exact color match
  • Larger volume for extended use
  • Precision application with included brush


  • Slightly lower rating indicates potential variability in user satisfaction
  • May require additional coats for best results

Price: £25.30

PaintNuts Colour Matched Car Touch Up Paint Pen

PaintNuts provides a color-matched touch-up paint pen that’s both convenient and easy to use. Matched to your registration information, it offers an exact color match. The pen applicator ensures precise control, making it ideal for fixing small chips and scratches. Buy here.

Rating: 4.4/5 (23 Ratings)


  • Pen applicator for pinpoint accuracy
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Matched by vehicle registration for color accuracy


  • Higher price point than some competitors
  • Limited number of reviews to fully assess product performance

Price: £13.99

Chipex Touch Up Kit

The Chipex Touch Up Kit delivers professional results with an exact match guarantee. Mixed according to your registration plate, this comprehensive kit includes everything needed for seamless car paint repair. Despite its higher price, the large volume and included accessories ensure thorough and lasting repairs. Buy here.

Rating: 4.7/5 (5 Ratings)


  • Professional quality results
  • Comprehensive kit with all necessary tools
  • Large volume for multiple applications


  • High price may not suit all budgets
  • Fewer reviews, though highly rated, suggest limited user feedback

Price: £117.64

Car touch-up paints are crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. The reviewed products cater to different needs, from quick fixes to professional-grade repairs. While the Chipex Touch Up Kit stands out for its professional quality and comprehensive package, each product has its unique advantages.

When choosing the right touch-up paint, consider factors like color match, ease of use, and the repair area size. Remember, these paints can only do so much, and for larger repairs, professional auto paint services may be necessary.

If you found this post helpful, explore our blog for more tips on car care, including car shampoo and detailing. For any car scratch repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Our team of experts is always ready to help you keep your car looking its best!

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